Universities have their own set of special needs and requirements in terms of regular cleaning and maintenance due to the sheer number of visitors and users at their facilities.

Campuses are much like actual cities with their many different amenities and therefore require skilled personnel to perform their cleaning and maintenance duties to meet those specific needs. Dexton Group’s expertise provides superior facility cleaning and maintenance services to Universities and institutions of higher education.

We also provide services for graffiti removal. We are confident that we can quickly remove all types of graffiti from all building surfaces without causing environmental harm. That’s because we use only environmentally friendly techniques and products that are Environment Canada and VOC compliant.


Steam cleaning is the most recommended form of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers. It does not wear down the fibers of the carpet, it cleans deep and leaves no residue behind to attract soil to a recently cleaned carpet. When done correctly, it leaves your carpet cleaner – a deeper clean that will last longer. These same principles apply to upholstery as well.


School Cleaning

(Elementary, High School, College & University)

Bar/Pub Cleaning

Retirement Home Cleaning

Recreational Centre Cleaning

Doctor’s Office Cleaning

(Dentist Offices Included)

Fitness Centre Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning

Cinema Cleaning

Night Club Cleaning

Common Area Cleaning

Mall Cleaning

Retail Store Cleaning

Dealership Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Venue Cleaning

Retail Store Cleaning

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